Two Homes - Ocean View

Location: Las Salinas Commercial

Size: 2800 sq meters with two 2 bedroom homes and 2 pools.

Price: $219,000

This property is 2800 sq meters with two 2 bedroom homes and 2 pools. It is on top of a hill with a nice Ocean View right off the main road. The infrastructure is all in. The 2 already producing income. There is plenty of room for multiple more units or even an Ocean View Hotel or other commercial venture.

The location is great. It is a short drive to world class surf breaks like Playa Santana, Popoyo’s Outer Reef and Popoyo’s many inner breaks. Numerous other breaks such as Panga Drops, Colorado’s, Manzanillo, and El Astillero are just a half hour to fortyfive minute ride. 

In 2021 the massive project of paving the road from the Pan American highway at the Ochomogo intersection all the way to Las Salinas was started. They are raising and widening the road building at least 7 new bridges along the route. Once completed it is estimated that a trip from Las Salinas area to the airport in Managua will take less than 2 hours.

As soon as the road paving is complete around mid 2024 this property and all the property is expected to double in value.