Playa Guasacate Real Estate

Playa Guasacate, is a beach known for its natural beauty and as a popular destination for surfers from all over the world. It is located just across the river north of Playa Popoyo, in the municipality of Tola, on the South West Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. Real estate opportunities continue to grow as the area becomes known. 

The Guasacate area is a surfers paradise. lt is just a stone’s throw away from some of Nicaragua’s best surf spots offering multiple surf breaks suitable for all levels, from beginners to professionals. The Outer Reef break at nearby Popoyo is particularly famous for big wave surfing. It can offer waves over 25 feet during big swells.

One of the things that set this area apart is that Guasacate and Popoyo are in the middle of the 100 mile stretch of beach along the SW coast of Nicaragua that enjoy off shore winds all day long, more than 320 days a year.


Playa Guasacate Nicaragua Rock Pool
Playa Guasacate Nicaragua Beach

Aside from off shore winds supporting the barrels on its world-class waves, the beach is characterized by pristine white sands, rocky outcrops, and stunning sunsets. Guasacate offers a more remote and tranquil atmosphere compared to some other near by beaches, making it ideal for those seeking a peaceful coastal escape.

Guasacate’s popularity is growing. Recently it has seen an influx of foreigners purchasing land and building leading to a mix of local and expatriate residents, contributing to a diverse community. The surrounding area has seen some development with of local establishments, ranging from simple hostels to more upscale resorts, There are also vacation rentals, and private residences as well as many restaurants and surf shops. Even so the area still retains a laid-back and somewhat rustic charm compared to more commercialized tourist destinations.

The roads leading to Playa Guasacate have been improving over time and the new costal highway is already under construction. Once complete in late 2024, the trip to Managua’s international airport will be less than 2 hours.

The local community is a mix of native Nicaraguans and a growing number of expatriates and foreign business owners. There’s a sense of tight-knit community spirit, with many involved in local environmental and social projects. There are often community-driven initiatives and projects aimed at environmental conservation, education, and other local causes.

In addition to surfing, owners can explore other nearby beaches, engage in fishing expeditions, or lounge in the hidden natural tide pools and hot springs. They offer a chance to relax and take in the scenic beauty of the region.

Visit the nearby Island of Ometepe in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. It is known for its Majestic twin volcanoes ancient petroglyphs, nature reserves, rainforests, diverse wildlife populations, beautiful beaches, crystal clear freshwater pools, and archaeological sites.

Playa Guasacate, Playa Popoyo and the surrounding area offer a blend of natural beauty, world-class surfing, and local charm. If you’re considering relocating it’s a destination that provides a true taste of Nicaraguan coastal life.

Surfing Playa Guasacate, along with the adjacent Playa Popoyo, is most renowned for its consistency. Being near Playa Guasacate and Playa Popoyo. This has made it a popular area not just for permanent residents but also for surfers looking for a convenient base close to the waves.

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