Rancho Santana Real Estate

Considering buying a beachfront property? Look no further than Rancho Santana in Nicaragua, a stunning residential community offering beautiful homes and buildable lots. Let us help you explore Rancho Santana real estate.

Imagine constructing your dream home on a high vantage point in Rancho Santana, where you can drink in panoramic views of the pacific coast, the awe-inspiring ocean, or the captivating Playa Rosada neighborhood.

Let Popoyo Reality take you on a real estate viewing tour. At Rancho Santana, you have the choice of selecting from a variety of homes or picking a lot that best suits your preferences. The lots vary significantly based on size and location, and we’re here to assist you in navigating through these choices.

Nestled on the untouched Emerald Coast in Tola, Rancho Santana is a world-class resort and residential community spread over 2,700 acres of lush hills. With five unique beaches, a multitude of dining options, and a range of activities from adventure sports to wellness programs, “The Ranch” offers unparalleled lifestyle options.

Rancho Santana Real Estate

Build Your Own Home

Rancho Santana Lots

Whether you aspire to build your own home or acquire an existing one with an ocean view, Popoyo Reality will present to you the diverse real estate opportunities amidst the rugged charm of Rancho Santana’s Pacific coast.

The community is designed to foster shared experiences with like-minded individuals, while also providing tranquility for those who cherish privacy. Enjoy breathtaking sunsets with cocktails at the Clubhouse at Playa Santana’s sunset terrace or experience the thrill of watching surfers ride Playa Rosada’s challenging left-point reef break at the Pool House.

For those who travel often, the international private Emerald Coast Airport is conveniently close to Rancho Santana. Whether you aim to relocate permanently, use the property as a holiday home, or see it as an investment, Rancho Santana is the epitome of what Nicaragua has to offer. Contact us for a Rancho Santana Real Estate tour of the five distinct beaches, surfing opportunities, diverse restaurants, and a wide array of amenities which make this residential community an unbeatable choice.

Moreover, in Nicaragua, you don’t need citizenship or residency to purchase property, making the buying process smoother for foreign investors. Please feel free to reach out to us for any inquiries.