Beach Front Boutique Hotel

Location:  Playa Santana

Size: 746 m²

Price: $330,000

This is a Boutique Hotel designed to capture the Quintessential beach experience. Six wooden cabanas perched above the sand offer sweeping views of the ocean. A shared kitchen provides guests the opportunity to cook for themselves and socialize. Above the kitchen a second story one bedroom apartment. It currently provides housing for the manager. It could also be rented out as part of the hotel.
The location is great. It's right between Rancho Santa Ana and Magnific Rock on Playa Santana. There are many popular surfing waves within walking distance including the barreling Santana Beach Break, Beginners Bay, Popoyo’s Outer Reef and Popoyo’s Inner Breaks. The area offers a variety of dining and other services to visitors.
Suyo sits on on 746 m² of beach front property. Like all the coastal property in this section of the beach Suyo is a concession property with a permanent lease from the Municipality that is renewed annually.
The annual current lease fee is $864 per year. Transfer taxes do not apply to this property and neither does the need to obtain the CNO document, (Letter of No Objection).
Each of the six cabanas measures 12 X 12 feet with a 12 X 6 foot deck. Four of the cabanas have queen
size beds while two of the cabanas have two twin beds. Inside all the cabanas there is a sink, shelves,
and two bedside tables. The decks have a chair, a table and a hammock.
The kitchen measures 18 X 18 with a screened in dining area. The countertop is concrete and has newly upgraded upper and lower cabinets. There are three tables large enough for four people each.
The upstairs apartment has an interior space of 26 × 16 feet. The outdoor terrace measures 26 x 8 feet m the bedroom measures 12X10 and has a king size bed nightstand and closet. There is a full bath kitchen and sitting area. The Terrace has space for dining table and a surfboard rack. Both interior and exterior floors are tiled.
Suyo is designed to operate extremely officially the past few years have been difficult due to the Covid
debacle. Despite the challenges Suyo has remained operational and is functioning in the black. Historical revenue data can be provided by request.