Jiquelite Beach Lots

Location: 50 meters from Playa Santana

Size: 900 sq meters

Price: $85,000

Take a moment to check out these 2 Jiquelite Beach lots, side by side, less than 60

meters from the waves and surf at Playa Jiquelite!

Located along the public road, each of these lots is square shaped and about 900m² in

size. Beach access is just down the road where you’ll have your choice of a few

different surf breaks at Jiquelite Beach, Santana Beach and if you really want to venture

north, the outer reef break at Popoyo.

The area is up and coming with new hotels, small grocery stores and cafe’s opening up

along the coast and inland of the beach. Once a secret beach & surf spot, Jiquelite

Beach is now becoming a known location for vacationers & surfers alike!

The waves at nearby Playa Santana are best in the 6 hours surrounding high tide. The

beach has a sandy bottom, and the waves tend to break close to the shore, providing a

quick ride that is ideal for shortboards.

The surf at Jiquelite Beach is best during the dry season, which runs from November to

April. During this time, the swell is more consistent, and the winds are offshore,

providing ideal conditions for surfing. The surf can be fast and powerful, providing a

thrilling ride for experienced surfers. However, there are also smaller waves that are

suitable for beginners.

Just a mile north of the property is Popoyo, with even more options for waves!