House and Commercial Building

Location: Limon 2, Las Salinas.

Size: 1.1 acres

Price: $149,000

This property is right on the main road, Highway 62 that runs along the coast between Rivas and Astillero.

It is a perfect location for a either a business or a home. The property is currently accommodating both. There are 2 buildings. A commercial building and a one bedroom house.

The house is 1,000 sq/ft. with a bedroom bathroom, kitchen, living room and a large screened in front porch. The commercial building that has been used as a brewery and a restaurant is 1,500 sq/ft. It has 2 large bodegas attached. There is a detached building with 2 bathrooms.

The property has plenty of water. There is a Well 18 meters deep, water tank, rain water catch system. It also has a grey water system for both the house and restaurant that is used in the garden.

The property supports many fruit producing trees including, pomegranate, oranges, grapefruit, limes, banana, platanos, mangos, maringa trees, and coconut palms.

Currently only half of the property is being used so there is plenty of land available for further development or gardening.